Nike Hypervenom Gold And White

They constantly run around

Nike Hypervenom Gold And White

Nike Hypervenom Gold And White

2: Use specific cuts that gain space, like a V, or L. You really gotta commit to changing direction to shake him off. If he gets close enough to play body, get your hands on his chest, start running into him and just before you're about to make a cut, push him away with your arms.

Nike Hypervenom Gold And White

Nike Hypervenom Gold And White

Nike Hypervenom Gold And White

Nike Hypervenom Gold And White

restart. Actually a great strategy, it worked wonders to get me touches.

2) If you play attack, have your teammates take shots that go out of bounds and take the ball off the Hyperlive Amazon

If the D guy follows you across, most times, the attack aren"t aware enough and you've succesfully created a fast break, 6 on 5. If he's smart enough to realize Nike Hypervenom Gold And White that he has to leave you, then you're free to slow up, spread out and Nike Hyperdunk Navy Blue And White

Nike Hypervenom Gold And White

D Pole locking out on me Archive

Sometimes our D strategy for a team with a dominant player involves me locking down the whole game. Locking down is pretty easy except when:

03 29 2011, 01:51 PM

He's trying to completely deny you any offensive opportunities. In which case you mainly have two options.

12:23 PM

Nike Hypervenom Gold And White

3) MESS WITH THEIR SLIDE PACKAGE. Last year I got locked in a section playoff game. I went to the wing, let my buddy dodge from X, and I just pulled my guy so far out that the slide was late or nonexistent. He tore it up and had something like 5 goals, quite a few of them from the lack of a slide.

Work hard to get your touches, but don't be selfish.

If you can do these three things, you'll be able to shake your defender some of the time. If you say you move around but can't shake him, you need to move more. Remember, you know where you want to go, he doesn't. If you vary your speed and angles when running, it'll tire your defender out mentally and physically.

The teammates set picks every couple seconds

03 30 2011, Nike Kobe 10 White Black

We had an exceptional attackman a few years ago and we used this play at least once sometimes four or five times a game. Its pretty much the samething other people have said but a bit different. Take the longpole who's shutting you off to the far side of the field (the opposite side of the change box) at the midfield line. Wait until your team begins their clear, bring one pole in for a change and bring on an O middie. Simultaneously, you'll need to be crossing half, to prevent an offside from happening.

Nike Hypervenom Gold And White

1: Use picks but specifically tell your guys that the pole that guards you isn't trying to switch so if the pick works you'll probably be wide open, as nobody might slide to you. Talk to your guys in a break or timeout and make a pick and roll play where after the pick, the guy with the ball is looking for you to be open and passes to you.

Nike Hypervenom Gold And White

get back on the field after you change with D pole, then another offensive player. Or you can take advantage of the fact that they've subtracted their best defensive player on the D end and maybe try and go invert now that there are 3 maybe 4 shortsticks playing D.

They continuously cut into traffic to try to bump you off on someone

Nike Hypervenom Gold And White

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