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The study involved almost half a million breast scans, with more than one third of them using relatively new 3 D imaging along with conventional scans. The rest used regular mammograms alone.

3 D mammograms may be better at finding cancer than regular scans, a large study suggests, although whether that means saving more lives isn known.

D Mammogram Scans May Find More Breast Cancer

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A newer Hologic 3 D system uses about the same amount of radiation as standard mammograms, while the equipment used in the study uses slightly more but still a safe amount, Culley said.

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Nike Hypervenom New 2017

The 3 D scan combo detected one additional cancer per 1,000 scans, compared with conventional digital mammograms. There were also 15 percent fewer false alarms meaning fewer initially suspicious scan results that additional testing showed wasn cancer.

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Robert Smith, senior director for cancer screening at the American Cancer Society, said the extra radiation risks of 3 D mammograms are likely more Nike Hyperdunk Pink For Sale

But the study wasn designed to determine whether the combined 3 D scans resulted in better long term outcomes, and the procedure studied has drawbacks including Nike Hypervenom New 2017 higher costs, less insurance coverage and more radiation, depending on the machine.

The researchers analyzed about two years of data from 13 centers as they switched from conventional mammograms to combined 3 D machines. Culley said doctors using Hologic scanners typically use both 3 D and standard imaging for each patient.

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Welch said the results are "likely to be overhyped, leading every hospital in the country to feel pressured to buy a new piece of expensive equipment and to recoup their investment pressure women to use it."

are less likely to be covered by insurance.

The detection rates were about four cancers per 1,000 conventional scans versus about five cancers per 1,000 combined 3 D scans.

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"The technology finds more invasive cancers earlier when they are easiest to treat and reduces unnecessary recalls for false alarms," said Dr.

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Nike Hypervenom New 2017

Dr. Gilbert Welch, a professor of medicine at the Dartmouth Institute for Health Policy and Clinical Practice in New Hampshire, said the extra radiation and costs are a concern, and the study can tell women want they want to know if 3 D technology saves lives.

Dr. She said she offers 3 D scans to all her patients.

machines, according to pricing information provided by MD Buyline, a technology research firm. 3 D scans also Nike Kobe Xi Elite

The combined system costs up to about $450,000, or as much as two times more than conventional mammogram Nike Kobe Ix Low Basketball Shoes Mens

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Standard mammograms typically take one image of each breast from two positions, while 3 D scans take several images of different layers of each breast. That allows for the detection of tumors that might be hidden under breast tissue and not noticeable on regular images, said Jim Culley, a spokesman for Hologic, which makes mammogram machines, including the combo ones used in the study that take both kinds.

than offset by the advantage of finding more cancer, but he agreed that more long term data and cost analyses are needed.

Still, the researchers say their results are promising and confirm benefits found in smaller, less diverse studies.

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The study was published Tuesday in the Journal of the American Medical Association.

Nike Hypervenom New 2017

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